‘Black-ish’-A Gem Among Sitcoms

Premiering in September of 2014, ‘Black-ish’ still holds the title as one of the funniest sitcoms on air.
Black-ish‘ follows the everyday lives and misadventures of the Johnson family, specifically patriarch Andre Johnson (Dre Johnson), as he juggles a high- power job and a large family.

Dre (Andre), an ad exec, his doctor wife Rainbow, and their four children Zoey, Andre Jr. Jack, and Diane, live in an affluent California suburb. The family’s upper middle-class status adds to the comedy of the show two-fold as Andre worries that his kids cushy lives have helped them lose their cultural identities.
Black-ish is very, very, funny. I did not use that extra very lightly. The show made me laugh out loud many times an episode, which I find rare in today’s primetime sitcom circuit.
As Adre tries desperately to raise his kids with an African American sense of identity— which he has been failing miserably at, his young kids are too lost in their own lives to care much about their fathers perpetual quest for instilling in them a sense of identity.
Black-ish has been following in the footsteps of other prime-time sitcoms to headline ethnic families trying to raise integrated children in America while still maintaining strong ties to their heritage, culture, and roots. Ie–Fresh of the Boat.

As Andre tries to ‘keep it real’ and raise his family as “Black. Not black-ish”, sheer comedy ensues. Andre’s constant sense of aggravation and irritation at his kid’s complete lack of connection to black identity and culture, leads to many incredibly exasperated and equally hilarious moments.

Andre to his son Jr: “It’s important for you to t hold onto your culture””
Jr: Honestly the only thing I’m really trying to hold onto is my first boob”

The show embraces Black culture in a way few prime time series have. It embraces it in such an amazing and loving way that it is able to poke fun with incredible grace and dignity at many aspects of Black culture, making the series that much more amazing.
I’m not sure why, but its seems as every other sentence out of Andre’s mouth made me laugh. Not chuckle. Laugh. No its not just what he says, but how he says it. The intonations, the sense of annoyance and frustration that he’s fighting a completely lost cause is echoed in most everything he says. The shows ridiculousness and over the top 22 storylines are sure to put a smile on your face on even the most dismal of days. If anything else, you are sure to get some wise pearls of advice from papa Andre. Next time someone is pissing you off, you just go ahead and tell them:

“You need to pump your breaks. You’ve been riding my bumper pretty tough”. –Andre.

Let us know what you think of the series!

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