A Guide To The Top Women-Led TV Shows of 2017

The entertainment industry has come a long way and like never before has it truly been the golden age for girl power on television. Lately, it’s all about the leading actresses that have been turning in award-winning roles. The number of females in leading roles in television has been soaring in the past year alone. In the past, female characters were less likely to be portrayed as leaders than men and less likely to be seen working.

From female-led comedies to complex dramas, portraying women of all different backgrounds, it seems that television keeps getter better and better and that’s why 2017 is a promising year for women on TV.

We here at Shadow have gathered the latest TV shows where women not only portray powerful roles but breakthrough the stereotypes and shine. These leading ladies and their complicated personalities are slowly but surely dominating our TV screens, whether you like it or not.

Here are the ones you should be binge-watching.

Insecure (Season 2) – The HBO original comedy series first launched in October of 2016 which is partly based on actress’ Issa Rae’s widely launched web series, Awkward Black Girl. Insecure follows the awkward experiences and racy problems of a modern-day African-American woman striving in a big city, played by actress and producer, Issa Rae. TIME Magazine called the show the sharpest comedy of the year and Rae’s performance is certainly Emmy-worthy. Her on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend Lawrence and then jumping into the shallow waters of single/dating life will have you realizing how much depth and nuance there is in each episode. Rae’s character, Issa Dee shows viewers she could get through just about anything.

The Good Fight – The very political and dramatic series, also the sequel to The Good Wife, The Good Fight, which premiered earlier this year, follows the character of Diane Lockhart (portrayed by actress Christine Baranski) who is forced out of a law firm due to an enormous financial scam that destroys the reputation of her goddaughter. The actress earned six nominations for Best Drama Supporting Actress for playing Diane and since her role in the new spin-off, we are almost sure she’ll be on the Emmy list once again.

Shots FiredFox’s 10-hour event series, Shots Fired premiered earlier this year as well in which actress Sanaa Lathan plays Ashe Akino, an investigator who is asked to look into the death of a young black male. The show examines the aftermath of two shootings in a small Southern town and in her new limited series, actress Sanaa Lathan stars as a troubled yet very sharp investigator and “badass” woman. The series not only highlights racial conflicts but also the affects of a highly stressed job in the criminal justice department and just how well a woman can do under extreme pressure.

PowerlessVanessa Hudgens, our favorite Disney star, plays Emily Locke, a determined and eager graduate hoping to tidy up a security company she just landed a job for as the new Director of Research & Development, while her coworkers are extremely unmotivated in NBC’s latest superhero themed show, Powerless. Set in a DC Comics universe, the show is sort of like a superhero dream that meets the daily struggles of an office work environment where a new female employee is ready take control. Fans are guessing, is she a superhero or just a great team leader?

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