All The Best Cocktails Tel Aviv Has To Offer

Traveling to the Middle East this summer and looking for that perfect night out? Look no further if you’re visiting Israel.

Tel Aviv’s exuberant cocktail scene is on full display and as it’s already known as “the non-stop city” with an atmosphere of its own, the white city quickly gained a reputation for its carefree attitude and energetic nightlife.

As the sun sets, Tel Avivians relocate from the beach to the busy streets for a refreshing drink, kick starting their weekend. Recently, the city’s cocktail culture (also known as the science of mixology) has been soaring. Upscale bars and lounges have been opening and are in full swing serving locals and tourists outrageous, high-quality mixed drinks and a hell of a happy hour.

These world-class joints will have you drinking your way through the city and we can all agree, there’s nothing like an excellent cocktail to start your night. With so many great options, we here at Shadow will make sure you know which spots deserve a visit. Check them out below.

Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar – Hidden inside the Imperial Hotel by the beach, Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar is one of the most famous for serving up a fine cocktail. There’s proof. Back in 2014, they were named ‘Best Bar in Africa and Middle East’ by Drinks International. The bar is a creation of veteran bartenders along with an asian-colonial inspired kitchen and seasonal drinks. Happy hour is served 5 days a week between 6-8pm and it’s one you won’t want to miss.


BELLBOY – A quirky and fun bar, BELLBOY is another world when it comes to crafted cocktails and since its opening in 2014, the bar has been full of surprises and delights. With unexpected ingredients and a jaw-dropping assortment of vessels, you’ll be more focused on snapping a photo of the drink than actually drinking it! Their motto, as seen on their website, is “we don’t care how long it takes us, we’re going somewhere beautiful”.


French 57 – A scene straight out of New Orleans, French 57 invites those are who are single and ready to mingle by featuring a 24-seat long bar and bringing NOLA to Tel Aviv. Besides mouth-watering cocktails, the bar features a lovely menu of New Orleans style dishes such as crab cakes or sugar-dusted doughnuts for dessert. By combining old, classic and new, this spot is perfect when searching for your favorite cocktail.

Double Standard – Located on the bustling Dizengoff Street, Double Standard is located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s old north neighborhood and has recently joined the list of the city’s newest bars. The bar offers a large selection of unique crafted liquor and cocktails and a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re in town, try “The Charmer”, a vodka-based drink infused with garlic, dill and peppers.


Spicehaus – Designed to look like a science lab from the 20th century in which guests drink from lab looking flasks, Spicehaus’ innovative drinks come in a variety of sizes and portions. As the largest and roomiest cocktail bar in the city, Spicehaus is a great place to grab a cocktail if you’re looking for a truly original experience (a bar that looks similar to a pharmacy that is). Happy hour is offered from 6-9 pm, offering 1+1 on all cocktails.


The Library Bar – If you’re fortunate enough to snag a room at the luxurious, elegant and classy Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv, then you can’t miss their stylish 1940s authentic cocktail room, The Library Bar. Whether you’re a guest at the hotel, a local looking for something new or scheduled for a business meeting, sit back and relax at one of the city’s most upscale bars. Designed with historic elegance and sophistication, the bar not only serves an exclusive range of cocktails but an all-day food menu as well. Wednesday nights have a DJ spinning starting from 9pm so if you have the chance, stop in then.

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