Blunt Talk to be a Hit or Just Blow Smoke?

May it long live and prosper. Premiering in 2015, the series entitled Blunt Talk, follows English newscaster, Walter Blunt, who ventures across the pond in hopes of becoming the next big American cable news anchor.

Blunt, played by Patrick Stewart, an eccentric Brit with a more than slight drinking and drug problem, is accompanied by his equally English male butler who possess a penchant for poor choices. The 30-minute episodes will follow Blunt as he tries to navigate his new life in Los Angeles while trying not to offend the entire American population.

It gets better. The series is produced by Family Guy genius Seth MacFarlane and HBO’s Bored to Death creator, Jonathan Ames.

With the series tagline a respect inducing “Some people toe the line, others walk the line. Walter Blunt will do a line“, the show falls  nothing short of good clean fun. Although the series was canceled after just two series, the humor and quick-wit is definitely worth checking out.

For those who have already seen the series, let us know what you think. 

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