Buzzzzing Reality TV in 2017

For some of us reality TV seems like it was always there, but if we you look back, it only began in the early 90’s. The first most known reality TV show was probably MTV’s The Real World, which aired for 32 seasons from 1992 to 2013.

Reality TV can bring out the worst and the best in human society today, it can waist our time or enrich and inspire us. For example whenever you find yourself watching Keeping Up With The kardashians for the who knows what time or maybe you’ve decided to go wild and start streaming Life of Kylie just because, and all the while feeling that tingling sensation of guilty pleasure, very guilty.

And of course it doesn’t end with Kylie and Kendall’s last scandal of the week. One thing leads to another and oops! The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Beverly Hills/Orange County/New York is on your screen, naturally followed by Big Brother and some of RuPaul’s Drag Race for desert. If you felt “fulfilled” before now you’re really achieving your life goals.

The romantic at heart will prefer a sweeter cup o’ tea with The Bachelor‘s fantasy over the perfect girlfriend or Rachel Lindsay‘s pursuit of true love in The Bachelorette. Others will tap in to their wild side and get their weekly fix with Survivor or enjoy another thrilling episode of The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan

Slowly reaching the better pert of your not so secret addiction; the creatives. So many options await you while you’re laid back in your favorite couch, all set to dance the night away in your jammies, So You Think You Can Dance? you don’t really have to, as long as Dancing With The Stars is on. No karaoke is needed to sing your lungs out when The Voice is on your screen. Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen will make sure you never run out of cooking ideas and Face Off will drive you to face your inner demons – on the outside! perhaps you’re obsession over Rita Ora and Heidi Klum will finally come down after you start watching America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. It’s really never ending.

In conclusion, reality TV can definitely be evil, depends on how much wight you give it in your life. It can also be pretty great, not all shows are that bad and can even inspire us to get up and do something instead of sitting and watching it on TV, an oxymoron we know… We’re just hooked on the illusion these shows so effectively sell and we’re so desperately willing to buy. It’s human nature after all. Don’t feel bad about it, doesn’t make you The Biggest Loser in our eyes.

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