Dublin, Ireland: Your Next Stop For Summer 2017

We know a place with a big reputation that will not disappoint.

Known for its hospitality, Dublin is more than just a city to have a beer in; it’s one big intimate village. Dublin may be a small city but the Irish capital knows how to spread its charm and cultivate good vibes all around town.

Over 1,000 years old, the city continues to rapidly grow with trendy hotel and top-notch restaurants constantly popping up. Dublin is a also a city rich in history, offering visitors a number of churches, pubs, historic buildings, museums, art galleries and so much more.

Besides its endearing character and stylish streets, Dublin offers tourists quite a few layers of the city’s history. From its Viking past to 18th century medieval castles and cathedrals, Dublin was once known as the most beautiful city of the British Empire. If you’re in town and looking to learn a little more about the city’s modern history, check out The Little Museum of Dublin as this charming museum is fairly new to the scene but can teach you all you ever wanted to know about the city’s most recent history and pop culture.

No visit to Ireland’s capital city would be complete without grabbing a drink as you could literally stumble upon over a 1,000 traditional pubs and cocktail bars. Ireland is more than just Guinness. Dublin’s intimate streets are comprised with places that offer unique Irish crafted beers along with live music that still have their traditional character.

Grab a cocktail and a booth at 37 Dawson Street if you’re into a quirky old-fashioned whiskey bar with great modern Irish food. Or perhaps wouldn’t it be cool to sit down in Ireland’s oldest pub? The Brazen Head is basically a meeting place for historical rebels along with a reputation for the best Irish music in town. The pub dates back to 1198 and there is certainly a great amount of history that has been left within the bar’s walls.

Fine dining in Dublin has become a treat in the recent years thanks to an ever-growing pool of excellent restaurants. Probably the most respected restaurant in the country, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, holds two Michelin stars and won major food awards. Offering an impressive wine list and classical French dining, reserve a table if you’re in the mood to splurge. Below the Dublin Writers Museum, (a literary heaven) the menu at five-star restaurant Chapter One consists of the very best produce and ingredients the city has to offer. The restaurant boosts one of the best atmospheres in the city.

Last but not least, set in Dublin’s cultural quarter, the famous Temple Bar is probably the most photographed building in the city charming visitors with its gorgeous exterior and cobblestoned sidewalk. The legendary venue offers a wide selection of international craft beer and a guaranteed memorable time.

Thanks to its vibrant nightlife, large student population and endless tourist attractions, you will slowly realize why the Irish are ALWAYS in a good mood.

Check out what Dublin has to offer here.

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