Finally Ready To Start Challenging Your Mind?

With the heavy use of smartphones and other forms of digital technology that are oh-so-prevalent in our society, it is safe to say people have gotten progressively lazier. As a society, we have grown increasingly mentally lazy, unwilling to challenge our minds with things like readings and other forms of mind expansion. Just like the muscles in our bodies need exercise to help grow and maintain their strength, so does another one of the biggest muscles in our bodies-our brains! So, for those that wish to break the cycle of mental laziness, there are simple things you can do to help your brain get a strenuous workout. One of us favorite forms of mind exercise? Puzzles! Far from the children’s games we have come to associate puzzles with, puzzles can be one of the most challenging and mind expanding exercises adults can do. Why you might ask? The reasons are tenfold. Solving puzzles helps enhance visual perception, sharpens hand-eye coordination, significantly improves memory, helps enhance critical thinking skills, and heightens creativity. Long thought of as one of the best forms of mind stimulation (besides reading) puzzles are a sure-fire way of keeping the mind sharp and helping keep illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay.

Convinced? Great! Check out some of our favorite puzzles that will get your mind seriously working! Play alone, or challenge a friend. Whatever you chose, just start playing!

Bulldozer– Sure it might be an older one, but that just makes it more a classic! Will you be able to maneuver the bulldozer? Might be harder than you think!

Memory Challenge– Having trouble remembering what you eat for breakfast this morning? Flex your memory muscle with this memory challenge!

Time Puzzle– One of our ultimate favorites, the Time Puzzle might look easy, but it’s anything but! See if you can unscramble the puzzle while running against the clock. Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your high score.

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