‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ – The Gypsy Take

Once again a new version is made to this old story, this time by gifted craftsman Mr. Guy Ritchie.

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King Uther – (Epic Eric Bana), is viciously murdered, along with his beautiful wife, by his wicked brother – Vortigern, phenomenally played by Jude Law. The king’s son, Arthur –  sizzling and refreshly short haired Charlie Hunnam – manages to escape only by the skin of his teeth (Lion king anyone?). Carried down stream in his getaway boat, young Arthur then arrives at a nearby harbor and from that moment on is raised in a brothel by his adopter – golden hearted prostitute, Lucy.

Thug life in the brothel sets the background for this all grown up, don’t mess with me, shifty yet kind, new (and improved?) version of king Arthur. Now it’s up to Arty, as his Robbin-Hood like possy calls him, to redeem the kingdom from his now king (and a really terrible one) evil uncle, by pooling Excalibur out of the stone and reclaiming his rightfully owned crown.

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Things become a ‘bit’ complicated when Arty resists the power of the sword and fails to control it. Luckily, to his rescue comes a beautiful Mage, (the enchantress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey), and combined with some heavy time wizardry, super ghastly beasts, good friends and a lot of humor the crew goes out to fight it out, Merlin style.

A controversial piece some say. well actually, most critiques I’ve read by now are more than direful to say the least… I had no idea what to expect when I was watching it for the first time last night (didn’t read reviews or talked to people). And true, it might have been somewhat of a genre mix and match and a sloppy job when it came down to the writing of the supporting characters (and yes it’s long, so I probably would have left some scenes on the editing room floor). But despite of all the ‘white noise’, I still found myself quiet enjoying the well known lightning-fast breath taking (never enough idioms..) Ritchie cinematography.

Jude Law and Charlie Hunnam are both extra ordinary with their electrifying performances that manage to bring out their absolute best and delicious essence. Making it watch worthy (and if only) for this.

Credit @ Inverse

So if you like skillfully crafted pure action scenes, beautiful people in periodic costumes and some hilarious ‘Ritchied up’ cockney accent witticism, then you might just enjoy this (wrongly) infamous cinematic creation regardless the negative hype around it. There’s also one very surprising guest star in the film, successfully raising a smile on viewers lips everywhere.

Hopefully this short article brought about some sort of help to those of you still thinking about whether you should go watch it this weekend. Don’t think too much, just go! Judge for yourselves, and don’t forget to let us know what you really thought about the film.



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