Marcon’s Marriage May be the Biggest Headline Yet

“Without her, I wouldn’t be me”-Emmanuel Marcon

Ah, the age old double P’s–politics and private lives, entities that go hand in hand. Seemingly since the dawn of government, politicians private lives have been at the forefront of their careers. Often times more important than their political platforms or campaigns, politicians private lives are some of the most interesting aspects of who they are, and in some cases, even what they stand for. Hungry for every detail about the private lives of those who lead them, the public has developed an insatiable appetite for everything related to the personal lives of their respective leaders. Easily forgetting they are supposed to represent the cornerstone of democracy and republic, it is easy for citizens to ‘Kardashianize’ politicians, always after the next big piece of gossip.

From the White House and Kremlin, to Buckingham Palace, personal scandals and affairs have plagued the political elite since the birth of democracy. The personal lives of those who rule have become so scandalized, they sometimes far surpass most boundaries of decency and respect. Case in point? Bill Clinton. He was so tormented by transgressions he made in his personal life, he was brought to the brink of impeachment, despite the fact that it had little to do with his ability to competently lead the country. So it seems, political and personal lives will continue to be deeply entwined as long as long as democracy exits.

The latest in the stream of the political soiree into personal lives of politicians is the President Elect of France, Emmanuel Macron. When waking up to check the news this morning, I found it interesting that one of the largest stories above the fold was a tantalizing headline about Marcon and his wife, Brigitte. It seems like no one cares about radicalism when there is romance. The press and public alike simply had a field day with the young politicians romantic life. Not only was this an unknown candidate who lacked both experience and the backing of any political party, this was also a young man with a tantalizing romantic history.

A young man of 17 falling in love with his teachers 24 years his senior, promising to marry her, then marrying her years later after a whirlwind love affair? I mean, Shakespeare himself would probably approve of a story this swoon-worthy.

A lot has been made of Brigitte Trogneux Marcon’s role in Emmanuel’s political career. With many saying Brigitte has served as a coach, mentor, and powerful force in propelling the young politicians career forward. The mother of three (fully grown children) has even been credited with helping to secure her now 39-year-old husband the French presidency in a brilliant display of devotion, dedication, and love.

Rather than hiding, or underplaying their relationship as they could have done, the powerful political couple have been proudly displaying their loving relationship in a brave attempt at avoiding turning into tabloid and media fodder.

Marcon was quoted to the news outlet En Marche! as saying “We do not have a classic family, it’s undeniable, but do we have less love in this family? I do not think so. Maybe there’s even more than conventional families.” Amen Marcon! Best of luck to you and the new First Lady!

Let us know what you think of France’s new president elect.

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