Meet The Top 5 Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Attention all Fashionistas! Searching for some online style inspiration? With hundreds and thousands of style bloggers out there, it’s tough to break through the noise and you’re probably thinking to yourself, where do I even start? From vintage loving New Yorkers to jaw-dropping Dutch beauties, social media has definitely offered us an array of inspirational people in fashion that we can all look up to for fashion and beauty motivation.

Fashion blogging has blown up all thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube in which both men and women have made a simple living by showing off their wardrobe to the world. Did you know that every 0.5 second a new fashion blog is born? How can we keep up?! Do not fear. That’s why we decided to round up 2017’s hottest fashion bloggers you should be following on Instagram this very minute.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Charlotte Groeneveld – Fashion blogger and working mom, Charlotte Groenveld, originally from The Netherlands, spends her days showing off her effortless style and has even been featured as a style maker on top labels such as Jimmy Choo. The now New York-based mom is the owner of The Fashion Guitar, a virtual diary of her every-day life and business as a style influencer. After working for several fashion blogs in the past, she decided to start her own. The Fashion Guitar is a truly authentic business where she constantly interacts with her fans, opens up about what inspires her and most importantly, she stays true to herself and doesn’t retouch her skin in any of her photos.



  1. Tanesha Awasthi – Stylist, fashion consultant and media director, Tanesha Awasthi wears many hats including being the owner of her own blog, Girl With Curves which first launched back in 2011. What sets Tanesha apart from the many typical bloggers, is her participation in the “curvy blog” movement and often speaks out about her views on body image and self-acceptance. She is now known as one of the most popular plus-size fashion bloggers on the internet. Awasthi proves she is more than just a girl with curves, she breaks the rules and is a successful career woman doing it all – Mother, Blogger and Vlogger.


  1. Christine Andrew – Travel enthusiast, fashion designer and style blogger aka a “Mompreneur”, Christine Andrew is another favorite on our list. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah but originally from Colombia, you may recognize her from Vanity Fair’s best dressed list as well as being featured on Who What Wear. She is the owner of Hello Fashion where she shares her love for shoes with her fans who love her stylish wardrobe and adorable toddler. She’s one of the few bloggers who started her own right in the very beginning of the game, back in 2011. Andrew is also the owner of her own clothing line, ILY Couture, a brand which strives to be both stylish and comfortable with a focus on putting customers first. With over 900K followers, there’s no excuse to not check out what she’s all about.



  1. Rita Saraqi – Kosovo-born travel and fashion blogger Rita Saraqi is all over social media these days. With a strong passion for photography, media, travel and fashion, Saraqi started her blog in 2011 while traveling in Europe where she saw the blogging phenomenon growing rapidly. Only 22 years old, Saraqi has already collaborated with brand names such as Mango and United Colors of Benetton. Her blog, Fishnets and Rainbows isn’t only about style, but also about her Balkan culture and heritage, being one of the first fashion bloggers from the newly independent state. Through her blog she aims to prove the many negative perceptions of her home country, a country once in conflict with Serbian forces. Saraqi gives her followers both style inspiration and knowledge of Eastern European history.



5. Aleali May –Known as the queen of the Los Angeles fashion scene, Aleali May, 25, is certainly a member of the new generation of fashion with a fierce approach to take on the world without any limits. Being half African-American, half Filipino, May has done pretty well for herself in the modeling industry as well and on her personal Instagram where she constantly keeps her fans up to date  about her goings and outfit showings. Her blog you can find on The ‘image consultant’ began her fashion career while working for Louis Vuitton and collaborating with Nike, Adidas and more. Her cool down-to-earth look that you’ll find on her Instagram is compiled of high-fashion pieces mixed with streetwear.


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