“Obvi, We’re The Ladies!”

The lovely sentence above is Shoshana’s knowledgeable insight to Hannah and Jessa from season 1, episode #2 in the HBO unforgettable phenomenon – Girls – Which happened to be one of my bigger obsessions over the past 6 years, for ‘obvi’ reasons..

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I know it all ended last month for good, but I still can’t help thinking about all those colorful characters created by Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham for the show considered by many to be the voice of our generation: “I don’t want to freak you out, but I think that I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least, a voice of a generation”. (Hannah Horvath – Season 1 episode 1).

So, I started reminiscing and decided to quench my thirst and yearning by checking in with Hanna, Marnie, Jessa, Shoshana, Adam, Elijah and Ray, to see what each one of the actresses and actors have been up to since the show ended.

Starting with girl #1 some of us love to hate but could never ignore, she is of course – Lena Dunham (Hannah Horvath): the talented and controversial feminist writer/producer/director/actress who just turned 31 last Saturday and is busier than ever. With numerous Emmy award nominations and two Golden Globe Award wins behind her, Dunham’s schedule these days is quite full. She lately directed her partner’s music video (Jack Antonoff); she manages the weekly online feminist newsletter – Lenny Letter; when she’s not busy checking into hospitals for different health issues – Lena attends various social events (such as the Met Gala); poses for fashion shoots and appearing on covers of many fashion magazines. She’s also quite busy constantly fighting off false articles about the notion it’s important to talk about the “true” reasons of her recent weight loss. Most important of all – she’s participating in talk shows, being interviewed and promoting her feminist life views and political agendas.

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Allison Williams (Marnie Michaels) – after playing Hannah’s all entitled spoiled best friend for all of the show’s 6 seasons, this gorgeous beauty continues to act – this time on the big screen, in the new 2017 horror film sensation Get Out. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2017 and features Williams as Rose Armitage, girlfriend of Chris Washington (brilliant Daniel Kaluuya).

Jemima Kirke (Jessa Johansson) – the bohemian free spirited visual artist and actress cooperated with Dunham once before in the mesmerizing Indie film Tiny Furniture (created by Dunham) which was also her first known professional role as an actress. She was a guest star in episode #6 of the comedy webseries New York Is Dead; she plays Andrea in Untogether – an upcoming drama about a drug addict aspiring writer featuring 50 Shades Of Grey star – Jamie Dornan; Jemima is also currently acting as Odessa in the film All These Small Moments which will premier in 2018.

Zosia Mamet (Shoshana Shapiro) – musician and actress, Mamet acted in several series before such as: Mad Men, United States of Tara and Parenthood. She recently played Diana in the romantic comedy drama The Boy Downstairs – Diana moves into her ex’s apartment building and has to face the consequences. The young actress also stars in other recent films that are currently on post-production stages.

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Adam Driver (Adam Sackler) – the Marine veteran and actor is probably the most busy out of the entire bunch. Since Girls ended, Driver had participated in no less than 5 different productions; one of them being Star Wars: The Last Jedi which actually premiered on December this year and featured him, once again, as villain Kylo Ren – the same role that first brought him major acclamation in 2015; in Logan Lucky, a comedy set to premiere on August 2017, Driver plays one of the two Logan brothers (with Channing Tatum), Clyde Logan; Driver also has 3 other movies in production stages set to premiere on 2018: Tough As They Come – a drama directed by Silvester Stallone based on a best seller by war veteran Travis Mills and casts Driver as the leading man; another leading role in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and is categorized as an Adventure, Sci-Fi flick, and last but not least is that features Driver is Annette, no information about his role in it yet though.

Andrew Rannells (Elijah Krantz) – the flamboyant multi-talent is a voice actor and a singer too. Rannells didn’t really do much since his Girls glory days and has mostly Broadway musicals on his past record, including a 2017 Tony nomination for his role as Whizzer in the revival of Falsettos from 2016. He participated in the AIDS Walk New York for GMHC on May 21, you go boy!

Alex Karpovsky (Ray Ploshansky) – actor and director Karpovsky is also a screenwriter, producer and film editor. Like Kirke, he participated in Dunham’s Tiny Furniture and has been involved in two productions since Girls ended; the comedy You Can Choose Your Family and the thriller Rosy, where he plays a character named Marty.

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Hope this helped quench your thirst! Make sure to check out the show and tell us what you Really think about it!

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