Popsicle Paradise! A Sweet Summer Cool-Off

Summer is almost here! and who doesn’t love a cold, refreshing, all natural ingredient, hand-made popsicle?

I know I do. Hand made ice-pops places are appearing everywhere lately and are becoming a huge thing in the dessert industry. So yummy and delightful, we obviously had to check out these crazy popular freezers for ourselves and rush to tell you all about it. one place in particular caught our attention, the outstanding – Popbar.

We visited the Popbar branch in sunny California’s Anaheim Packing District food court  – located just a quick 10 minute drive from the Disneyland Amusement Park, the perfect location right?! Inside, we immediately noticed the long line of people with extreme cases of sweet tooth just waiting for that moment when they finally get to create their own personalized popsicle. The indoor terrace decor is very inviting and feels almost like a vacation on a cruise ship.

Credit @ Inverse

The abundance is very big and includes all kinds of refreshing goods like: gelatos, sorbets, yogurts, bars and other treats to select from. We went for the latest concept and got the popWich – a gelato sandwich on a stick, half dipped in premium dark chocolate and topped with crushed waffle cone, and let me tall ya, WOW! the taste was pure heaven. Other delicious hits are the popSorbetto – sorbet popsicle, the YogurtPop – yogurt popsicle, popBites – praline sized popSorbetto and popGelato bites, and Shakes.

Everything at Popbar is made with only the freshest fruits and dairy, is preservatives free and without any artificial flavors what so ever. They also have gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products, (and even a kosher certification).

Credit @ Inverse

With amazing toppings and dips that make you drool instantly, even the press got excited about Popbar in publications like: “You cannot do much better than the frozen gelato and sorbetto at Popbar”… THE NEW YORK TIMES and “Intensely rich”, “Miracles on ice”… NEW YORK POST. Don’t know about you but to us it sounds like you can’t go wrong with this frozen delicacy.

Popbar’s ever growing chain of franchises first opened in 2010 in New York’s West Village and became a hit success with the locals. Later on it expanded and currently has 10 branches across the U.S and in other worldwide locations like: Japan, Russia, Singapore, Panama and Canada.

Take out advice and go cool off with this eatable ‘artsicle’ today, and don’t forget to tell us how incredible it was at Popbar!




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