Single? There’s More To Life Than Tinder

Whether you’ve been single for a while, new to the dating market, or maybe even in a relationship, you’ve downloaded the Tinder dating app and used it at least once. As one who has tested the waters once or twice in her life, let me just tell you this one thing – there’s so much more to life than Tinder.

Tinder was initially launched in 2012 with the basic concept of finding potential matches around your area (up to 100 miles). The interface is quite simple and the experience is easy, where a game like motion is simulated and you can ether swipe the person’s picture right if you like them or left if you don’t. Only when you both swipe right an option to actively chat will become available.

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Since 2012 a lot has happened, so many dating apps these days, old and new, are being used by billions of people all across the wold, and you might stop to wonder if it’s all worth it and if so where should you even begin? Well, lets see.

One of the 2 major dating apps these days (besides Tinder) is OkCupid – more extensive than most apps mainly because it’s more than an app, it’s a social network, in which you can build a complete personal profile containing: photos of course, general information and more specific preferences, beliefs and ways of living. There are plenty of filters and you can chat by personal messages or by char messages. You can also keep yourself busy with different questionnaires and quizzes but if you’re interested in removing adds or knowing who liked you (without liking them back) it’ll cost you.

If you still fancy a simpler dating app you can try Bumble – created by some of the people who created Tinder, Bumble resembles Tinder but is more female friendly. It gives the ladies the chance to make the first move, in case of a match between two people it’s up to the woman to send the first message within 24 hours otherwise the match will disappear, making it all about women’s choice getting them out of their comfort zone.

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It’s all happening with Happn app – this one’s a bit stalkery if you ask me, cause it keeps track of places you’re at or have been to before, then people the app shows you people in those same location so you can match. You have to like each other to make it work though, just like Tinder.

Last but not least is Hinge app – Like it’s name, this app acts as a binder and replaces the matchmaker friend by suggesting friends of friends you know through social media. it looks promising and is more pron to relationships and appeals to people who’re seriously looking for love in a more conventional way. No swiping here, unlike all the other apps Hinge let’s you brows people’s story pages and react on stuff they like or have in common with you. The app’s reputation is great and is gaining more and more users every day. For more advanced options it will cost you a monthly fee that varies upon different uses.

Bottom line is, apps are helpful and you may very well meet the love of your life online (I personally know some married couples who met that way), but nothing will never ever replace real life and the endless options it holds. The best way to meet people is to go out and live. Try leaving your phone/computer/tablet, call some friends and go do something cool together. Even if you don’t meet the one, it’s guarantied to make to feel so much better!

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Don’t forget to have fun and tell us what you think about online dating!

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