The Americans; A Gripping Look into the Past

By Eliana lachter
‘The Americans’, which premiered on January 30, 2013 on the FX network, is a wonderful story about a very strange time in America’s colorful history (and you thought 2017 was weird!).

It was the 1980’s. President Ronald Reagan was in office, and the country was seeing red. The nation was on high alert against the communist threat, the word nuclear was suddenly on everyone’s lips, and Russia was the state’s number one enemy. The Cold War had shifted into high gear.

The government played strongly on the public’s uneasiness and struck fear into the hearts of its citizen s– McCarthyism-like paranoia was the name of the game. People were constantly looking over their shoulder, watching, and suspecting. Who was secretly a commie hiding among us sent to destroy America and the freedom, liberty, and capitalism which it stood for? Was it the milkman . . . the teacher . . . the next door neighbor?

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Created by former CIA officer Joe Weisberg, ‘The Americans’ follows the story of two Soviet Union KGB agents, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) Jennings, pretending to be, well, Americans. Posing as a married couple, the KGB officers reside in a quiet suburb of Washington D.C., with their two young children (neither of which know the true identities of their parents).
Forbidden to ever speak a word of Russian to each other, ridiculously good looking, Elizabeth and Philip go about their daily lives working as travel agents, while secretly ass-kicking spies at the top of the Soviet espionage game. So that’s where all the handsome men are going. Air Russia, ticket for one please!

The cast is rounded out by Stan Beeman, the couple’s new next-door neighbor, and an FBI counterintelligence agent. Naturally.

‘The Americans’ is a great watch. A wonderful period drama about the intricacies and intimacies of a couple, set against the fascinating backdrop of a bizarre time in America’s history. Each 45-minute episode is great, a thrilling drama with an espionage twist. The writing is good, casting spot on, and music always great.

‘The Americans’ is currently in its fifth season. It has already been greenlight for a sixth and final one.

Let us know what you think of the series.

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