The Curly Girls Guide To Hair Care


For all you curly girls out there, we know the struggle can be super real! So while curls have the potential so stop passersbys in their tracks, it is important to know how to take care of your mane to keep it healthy, shinning, and fabulous! 

Skip The Shampooing

For all you curly girls out there still shampooing, you clearly and not up on the news. Stop. Immediately. If you don’t already know that shampooing is bad for us curly ones, this is one curly lesson you seriously need to be sticking to. Chuck the shampoos and instead simply start washing with conditioner. Sure, it might sound funny,but it works wonders. The process involves using conditioner to cleaner your locks instead of shampoos which often contain harsh conditioners that can be damaging. Because curly hair has a natural tendency to be significantly drier than other hair types, skipping the shampoo which can strip necessary oils from your hair is super important.

Use An Old Tee Shirt To Dry Your Locks

Although it might seem natural to towel dry your hair, using terry cloth towels  for drying curly hair can greatly increase breakage and frizz. Trade in that towel for a tee shirt, or a microfiber towel to dry your locks. Squeeze any excess water out before gently wrapping your hair in the tee.

Always Remember To Work Your Way Up From The Bottom

Curly hair tends to be more delicate, and the last thing we want to do it add more stress to it! Curly girls simply need to start every hair process from the bottom, this includes conditioning, combing, and styling. While conditioning in the shower, slowly work the product from the bottom of your hair, up through your roots. The same goes for combing and styling. This method prevents breaking the curls which can cause a mess of dreaded frizziness.

Chuck The Brush

Sorry girls, the brushes are being banished. Using traditional brushes on curly hair is just asking for a huge frizz factor! Because brushing can damage our delicate curls causing breakages, trade in your traditional comb for a wide tooth comb, or turn to the finer combing method for perfect curls!  

Detangling genies are relatively new on the market, but taking the curly girl world by storm. For those with curls that are prone to extreme knotting, this comb is kind of a dream.

Live And Breathe That Diffuser Life

If you need to dry your hair, a diffuser is the way to go. Diffuser minimize frizz by evenly distributing heat helping your curls dry in that “I just woke up like this” kind of day. While you hair is wet, begging dry at the root using circular motion. Always remember to keep drying in the same direction with the dyer set no higher than speed 1. Setting the dryer to high can cause your hair to break, damage, and frizz. Always keep the diffuser at 1 90 degree angle from the scalp. Turn the dryer on cool mode for a few moments before finishing to seal in the effects. Throw on one of our favorite curly girl products by Aveda for a post diffuse shine. 

Know How To Give Your Girls A Pick- Me- Up Between Washes

We are all familiar with the story. You wash your hair, and your curls look absolutely stunning for about, well, a day. As soon as you sleep on it, bye bye fabulous, hello frizz. Forget the feeling that your hair is only nice right after a wash and learn how to give you locks a refresh in between washes. There is no need to wet your entire hair from the scalp, but rather grab a spray bottle and fill it with half leave in conditioner, half water. Using your best judgment, generously spray your locks with the mixture until all pieces of the hair of covered (it should be somewhere in between a mist and a soak). Using your wide tooth comb, begging detangling starting from the bottom and working your way up to the scalp. If you come across pieces that continue to remain frizzy, gently wrap the lock around your finger to create a perfect curl! One of our favorite products to use during pick-me-ups is Kinky Curly Curling Custard. 

Don’t Neglect The Trim

Because thicker, curly hairs tends to be more prone to fraying, stylist recommend getting your locks trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep them healthy.

Satin All The Way

No it’s not just an excuse to get those fabulous satin sheets you’ve been eyes, satin pillowcases are actually a wonder for curly girls. A satin sleep cap or pillowcase will actually prevent your curls from getting frizzy while you sleep. So good ahead, indulge, your curls will thank you.

Exercise Is Also Good For Your Curls

As if you needed another reason to exercise. Before you hit the gym, run a conditioning product through your hair before pulling it back. Your body heat will help absorb the product, giving yourself a deep conditioning while your workout.

Never Neglect Your Cuticles

Having healthy cuticles if crucial for having healthy hair. Give your cuticles the right attention by applying cuticle cream or serum to the cuticles to prevent moisture from entering.  Pantene offers a large line of curly products that won’t break the bank!

Happy curls, Happy life!

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