Our entire Western culture relies on the opinion of the crowd.Photograph_of_President_William_Jefferson_Clinton_Greeting_People_in_a_Large_Crowd_at_a_-Get_Out_the_Vote-_Rally_in_Los_Angeles,_California,_11_02_2000 In most of the free world democratic nations have long used the procedure of elections to make the most crucial decision in a nation’s life – “Who will lead us?” –  something that is decided by the crowd’s voice.
This illustrates our acknowledgment of the power of the combined wisdom of the people.

vw-camper-336606_640But what about other important decisions in our lives? What if I wish to buy a car? This is a pretty significant expense where it would be wise to use the experience of others before making a decision. When we want to recharge our batteries by taking a vacation disappointment is something we wish to avoid. In all our decisions we want to know what the best options out there are and to avoid mistakes. Websites such as Edmunds (for cars) and TripAdvisor ( for vacations) were built exactly for this purpose. But there are other life decisions that aren’t so easy to find an opinion on, such as which doctor should we visit? Which school should we send our children to? Which live concert is the most enjoyable? Who is the most skilled plumber for fixing a broken faucet? Which smartphone best fits my needs for a given budget? We can make much wiser decisions if we listen to what others have to say about ‘things’.

Teens sharing earphones, listening music outdoor. Summer time. Image is captured in 12 bit RAW and processed in Adobe RGB color space.

How can we “hear the crowd”? Opinions regarding these important life decisions are usually scattered across so many different websites and social networks that it takes a long time to collect all the relevant information, research it, and come to a clear conclusion. We need a platform where we can express our own opinions about ‘things’ to help others benefit from our personal experience.  

Technology can help us achieve this long anticipated goal. SHADOW.COM is a a completely free (and will always remain free) platform designed and created to be open to anyone. The content on it is owned by the crowd and dedicated to helping the crowd. Similar to Wikipedia and other Wiki projects, SHADOW.COM is a collaborative effort by many people who are contributing their knowledge to help other people. This unique technology is not only a platform for expressing and reading what others have to say, it also collects and sums up what was said on OTHER websites and social networks. All this information is then summed up and collated into one clear page which we call a “ShadowPage”. It is a special kind of search-engine which gives precedence to natural, crowd generated content over the artificial paid content created by manufacturers and interested parties.