Why Asheville, N.C. Should Be Your Next Trip Within the U.S.

Why Asheville, N.C. Should Be Your Next Trip Within the U.S.

Asheville, N.C., the vibrant city that it is, is no longer a vacation spot just for Southerners, but is now catching on fast with the rest of the country. Recently named 2017’s Top U.S. travel destination by Lonely Planet, Asheville welcomes visitors with open arms and has secretly been emerging and people are noticing.

Known for its creative spirit and thriving artistic community, don’t let the “small-town” persona fool you. With an up-and-coming culinary scene and breath taking mountain views, book your getaway to Asheville ASAP and you’ll understand why travel experts are making such a fuss about this hidden gem!

Nicknamed ‘Beer City, USA’, Asheville offers numerous brewery tours that provide tourists with an insider’s scoop on local brews and a quality education on the city’s diverse brewing scene. Asheville Brewery Tours lets visitors immerse themselves into the local beer scene in Asheville. Not only are you able to sample some of the city’s best crafted beers, but you’ll meet with professional brew masters and learn about their craft and brewing process.

Food lovers from all over the world are flocking to Asheville and are creating a scene in this small North Carolina town. The food scene is exploding thanks to new-to-town chefs who offer fresh and high quality ingredients in their restaurants. Cúrate , an upscale traditional Spanish tapas spot brings the essence of Spain to downtown Asheville and is the perfect place to share delicious plates with family and friends.

Set in an upscale Victorian cottage, Corner Kitchen is another one on the list for the foodies out there. Tucked into the quiet and historic Biltmore Village, this is the perfect dining option to enjoy a casual American cuisine along with craft cocktails. The homey/relaxed setting will have you feeling like you never want to leave.

Looking to spoil yourself in the heart of Asheville with an upscale accommodation? The Windsor Boutique Hotel brings luxury to your feet along with a down-to-earth atmosphere. The 14-room stay is perfect for families and couples who want that posh feeling. These chic, stylish suites will have you wanting to stay forever.

With a population of just over 87,000 people and stunning waterfalls within an hour’s drive of Asheville, there is no question or doubt why this town has climbed up to the number one destination spot in the U.S. A great mix of nature and the city along with a buzzing downtown art scene filled with galleries, lively bars, museums and art festivals, Asheville will leave your heart feeling complete.

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