Why Granada Should Be Next on Your Wishlist for 2017

Let’s be honest, we constantly rely on the opinions of others and base our decisions around those opinions. Here at Shadow, we are dedicated to helping people with our content by providing a platform where we can not only express our own opinions but at the same time collect information from other sites and social networks. As for your next vacation, our technology is essential! On our post below, we’ve got our eyes set on Granada, Spain, one of this year’s most desirable destinations. Don’t miss out on what this stunning city has to offer!

Besides its rich history that dates back to the Moors and Romans, Granada has always been a city where different cultures and ideas collide. Internationally known for its luxurious Alhambra Palace and blend of North African and European architecture, Granada will be a hard one to ignore for your upcoming summer plans.

If you’re traveling through Spain, let’s just say that skipping Granada would be unforgivable. It’s THE town to visit. So before your trip, make time to catch up on your Nasrid history and knowledge of Moorish/Roman architectural heritage because Granada is calling for you and you won’t want to miss out on what travel experts call the most worthwhile city in Spain for visitors.

Check out our insider’s guide into Spain’s most cultural region and a city that is known to have it all, both country life and urban living. Here at Shadow we want to share with you only the best this breathtaking town has to offer.

The Best Hotels in Granada

Planning your next holiday in Granada? Make sure you know which hotels to book to enjoy your stay. Look no further than the following five hotels known to be at the top of the list.

  • Hotel Alhambra Palace: Dating back to 1910 and resembling deep Moorish heritage, this 4-star palace is situated in the center of Granada close to ski slopes and forests, perfect for visitors who want that luxury feel.
  • Hotel Hospes Palacio de Los Patos: A 19th century palace with a striking modern design, this hotel offers sleek rooms, ceiling murals and an Asian-influenced spa. The hotel is located in a bustling, modern neighborhood just outside Granada’s old town.
  • Parador de Granada: Set on the grounds of the medieval Alhambra, this elegant 4-star hotel is perfect if you want to spend the night among gardens and fountains that evoke a past from when Arabs and Christians intermingled. Sophisticated and subdued rooms, this hotel is great for romantic travelers.
  • Hotel Casa Morisca en Granada: Set in a 15th century Moorish house, this chic boutique hotel is situated in the heart of Granada and undoubtedly one of the best hotels rated by users. The Nasrid inspired beds easily captures the spirit of the Albayzín and Alhambra.
  • Hotel Vincci Albayzín 4* Granada: Come stay at one of Granada’s most charming hotels, one that offers a typical Andalusian feel. The refined hotel features Moorish architectural details that are simply breathtaking.

The Best Bars in Granada

As Granada has always been known to be one of Spain’s most popular tourist hot-spots, the nightlife is certainly known as one of the best in Andalusia, mainly because of the mass amount of students.

  • Six Colours: Six Colours is one of the city’s prominent gay bars and always guarantees a fun night out. Open since 2004, this dance bar features a young scene and is known to have colorful and crowded parties.
  • Pub Karaoke Groucho: This Karaoke bar is great for a group of students and those who travel in groups looking for a great night out. Always welcoming you with a smile, the pub provides year-round entertainment.
  • Pub Tantra Granada: Pub Tantra is a great place to hear exceptional Latin music and dance the night away to Spanish hits.
  • Bar La Riviera: If you’re looking for a good drink and some delicious tapas, look no further because La Riviera offers it all. Their tapas will do just the trick.
  • Bar K-ito: Great place for a quick bite and drink, more of a local bar.

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