Younger By The Day

TV Land’s latest comedy-Younger

A plot revolving around a middle-aged woman whose husband leaves her for someone younger, and decides to reinvent herself with a makeover, a fabulous new job, and a younger boyfriend while taking charge of her womanhood. If you guessed this is the plot of a TV Land original series, you are correct my old timer friend.

Created by Sex and the City producer Darren Star and premiering on TV Land, Younger stars Liza, played by Sutton Foster, as a forty- year- old New Jersey suburban housewife who gets cheated on and abandoned by her husband. With her twenty-something daughter away in India discovering herself, the pretty mother decides to do the same. Liza leaves her suburban house and moves into a sprawling Manhattan loft with her lesbian best friend, Maggie, played Debi Mazar, best known for her role as the fast talking Los Angeles agent Shauna Roberts on HBO’s Entourage.

Saddled with her estranged husband’s gambling debt, Liza is forced to now get a job, but quickly finds that employers are none too eager for candidates who have been out of the workforce for 20+ years. Faced with the difficult task of penetrating the ageist professional world, Liza quickly grows discouraged.

At a post interview round of drinks with Maggie, Liza tries to get the bartenders attention by taking off her shoe and aggressively waving it in the air. She is approached by a young stud, Josh, who tells her ‘never wave a shoe’ (which evoked a major Austin Powers moment) and proceeds to win the mother’s affections. After Liza decides Josh only hit on her because ‘the bar was dark and the guy was drunk’, (that’s literally how I have gotten every one of my dates) she chooses to undergo a makeover. Liza decides, hey, if I’m having a hard time finding a job and a man as a forty-year-old, let me just reinvent myself as a 26- year- old!

With the help of her friend Maggie, Liza undergoes an age reversal transformation. Equipped with a young persona, Liza tackles the working world and lands a job as an assistant to a publicist in a posh Manhattan company.

If a 40-year-old can reinvent herself as a 26- year- old and fool everyone, including a big corporation, why didn’t me dressing up as a 65- year- old so I could retire (40 years) early and cash in on my social security and just enjoy life succeed? Whoever said television imitates reality did not have to deal with some pissed off government agents who kept throwing around the word fraud. Eh, I don’t concern myself with technicalities.

Hilary Duff says bye bye to her younger self

After landing the job, Liza then tackles her love life by having a raunchy bed breaking love making session with her younger boy toy.

Liza is accompanied on her work journey by her office partner in crime, Kelsey, played by Hilary Duff. Not a huge fan of Disney stars turned mainstream, I have liked Duff since her days as clumsy, weirdly dressing, Aaron Cater kissing Lizzie McGuire. But gone is her Disney channel innocence, as Duff repeatedly says the word masturbation and throws up in a Brooklyn trash can from a tequila overdose. Me likey this new Lizzie.

Why did it take Liza living under a huge guise to start enjoying her life? Perhaps later episodes will finally allow Liza to reveal her true self to those in her new life. All in all the show is pretty cute with a solid couple of good laughs, and definitely worth a watch.

Let us know what you think of the series!


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