Zakynthos Island – The Perfect Vacation In Greece

A beautiful place requires a beautiful sleeping arrangement, and so our advice to you is not to waste your time searching, book your room straight away at The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa! this impressive hotel might not be in the center of the town (it’s in Tsillivi) but that’s part of it’s magic – the country scenery. This luxury hotel offers a magnificent large pool, a close by exotic beach –  with an amazing restaurant and a highly professional staff to take care of every single one of your needs.

Once you’ve settled in your awesome hotel, head down to Zante Town for a great meal or some nice cool drinks in San Marco Square where you’ll find every kind of restaurant and several pubs, all located within short walks from one another.

our recommendation is the Base Cafe – a restaurant on the ground floor and an excellent bar on the rooftop floor with a view of the square, delicious food and a great playlist, another tip: try the lamb-burger!

Now start exploring the Island’s main attractions! A great first option would be one of the several turtle beaches. The one we chose is Kalamaki Turtle Bay. On the further end of it, where the mountains touch the water – just a short walk from civilization, you can find crystal clear waters, soft sand and some peace of mind. Make sure you check the entry hours due to turtle nesting.

Credit @ Inverse
Credit @ Inverse

Next up and a definite must on your Zante vacation is Shipwreck Cove (Navagio). this small and secluded beach of limestone gravel is located on the north-west shore of the island and is only reachable by boat – book one of the large tourist boats or, if you’re feeling daring, take a private speedboat, all options are available and fun. You only get limited time on the beach so it’s best to arrive before 12 pm, afterwards you’ll have to struggle for decent a spot in the sun. The view point of the Navagio bay from the top is also extraordinary and is very recommended in order to complete the tour.

To finish this article we chose the Blue Caves of Zakynthos. Also reachable only by boat – the smaller the boat the deepest you get to enter them – the magnificent blue caves are a true wonder. Your guide will tell you that the water is only this miraculous shade of turquoise blue thanks to the sun in very specific hours of the day. Make a stop for a quick swim outside the caves, the water is extremely refreshing!

These are the highlights of Zante island, we wish you a super dreamy vacation and hope we were of some assistance to you! Let us know what you think about Zakynthos and what you would like to read about on our next post, we love hearing from you!

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